Graphic Design

Brand recognition is the main purpose of our efforts with graphic design. We’re excited about helping others recognize the services and business culture your business represents! Here at Sleek, we love crafting well-designed materials. Utilizing beautiful illustrations, well-considered typefaces, and carefully crafted messages. These decisions create memorable brand images for your clients to resonate with.



  • Creation of style guid with brand identifiers for building content that matches brand “style”
  • Vectorized graphics and updates to logo and brand iconography
  • Creation of custom printed materials, such as stationary, garments, and promotional items.

Web Development

Having a functional website to represent your business is an absolutely essential piece of marketing material. However, a beautiful website integrates smoothly into your brand identity, paired with rugged functionality that turns heads. Sleek offers pleasant bliss by automatically tailoring the website to work hand in hand with your other Sleek materials. Built in consideration of your entire brand identity, your digital materials provide more information for your customers to discover.



  • Brand based design allows for cross-platform consistency
  • Tailored experience allows for updates to the website in response to printed material
  • Custom functionality and content can be built into website upon request and approval.

Content Writing

Sleek prides itself upon a couple important ideals. One of those ideals, is to be, above all, consistent. This is especially prevalent in our content writing services. Built directly into your marketing package, you’ll find that this stress point effectively melts away under our care. We’ve got an army of professional writers that create content representing your brand across a wealth of platforms. The consistency ideal we mentioned is showcased by our reliability in our posting, on a schedule with content ready to go long before it is needed.



  • Grammatically checked by professional editors
  • Written in an easy to understand format with structure and notation for cited material
  • Social Media and Press Releases can be reviewed before submission since they’re created in advance for scheduling purposes