Talking About Tomorrow - With Sleek




Simi Valley is often simply known as “One of America’s Safest Cities” and “The Home of the Reagan Library”. What has yet to be said, is that our community is worthy of much more recognition. Today, we have an opportunity to revamp its image by investing into something new.
Young people in Simi Valley are not being prepared for success, and its long past time we had a conversation about it. This issue that affects us today and will have a serious impact on the town for many years to come. We’re proud to be the ones to start this conversation.
Our event on July 13th, hosted by Sleek, will afford local business leaders the opportunity to begin the discussion about how we can make Simi Valley a better place for everyone. Our panel of our community’s top contributors are tackling the real issues at home and in the work place. Join us as we enrich the prospects of the young people of our town, revitalizing our industries and businesses.
Sleek is a startup headed by Simi Valley Resident Trevor Davison, a young man who is wildly passionate about small business, economic development, and most importantly Simi Valley! With Sleek, Trevor hopes to inspire Simi Valley’s young residents to invest in themselves and their town. His passion is rooted in revitalizing long time residents love for their city by imbuing it with fresh and innovative businesses. Help us bring the charm of Simi Valley to the forefront of our hearts, and share that with the world.
Suggested Donation $15